• Mario Ciolfitto
    Mario Ciolfitto
    Toni and the Sing Real Estate Team was a game-changer for us. Their hardworking, professional approach and successful completion of the property sale exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by their impressive marketing strategy and their constant responsiveness to our best interests. Throughout the process, we were kept informed with regular updates on our property and the current market conditions. With Toni’s unmatched expertise in the real estate market, we were confident that we were in the best hands. We would definitely work with her and the team again for any future real estate needs.
  • Ming
    Angela Xu is a fabulous realtor with years of experience selling and buying. She responded fast all the time and work hard, she is an excellent negotiator with customer’s thoughts in mind, highly recommend.
  • Y H
    Y H
    Angela Xu is the best realtor I have ever worked with. Not one of the best, she is the best!!!. She is very professional and experienced, and ensured every detail had been considered, reviewed and investigated during the negotiations and contract stage. she has very accurate sense on the property value and market price. And always provided very useful information for me to make the final decision. Highly recommend!!!
  • Zhaoqing Qiang
    Zhaoqing Qiang
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Angela Xu to sell my townhouse in South Surrey, and I couldn’t have been happier with her service. From start to finish, Angela demonstrated a level of professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail that exceeded my expectations. She took the time to understand my needs and priorities, and went above and beyond to ensure that I felt supported and informed throughout the entire process. What impressed me most about Angela was her ability to balance a warm, approachable demeanor with a sharp business acumen. She was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance, and her communication skills were top-notch. Her strategic approach to marketing my property resulted in a quick and successful sale, and I truly believe that I couldn’t have achieved the same results without her expertise. Overall, I would highly recommend Angela Xu to anyone looking for a skilled, dedicated, and personable realtor. She truly went above and beyond to make my experience as seamless and stress-free as possible, and I am grateful for her hard work and commitment to my success. Thank you, Angela!
  • G Li
    G Li
    Angela is an excellent realtor. Throughout the entire process, she was there to answer any questions we had, provide valuable insights, and offer guidance. Her attention to detail, quick and efficient handling of all the paperwork and ability to negotiate on our behalf were truly invaluable. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a skilled and caring professional. We will definitely recommend Angela to anyone We know who is in need of a top-notch realtor.
  • Sophie Tsai
    Sophie Tsai
    I worked with Toni and Warren to sell my condo, and purchase a new townhouse with my spouse. I felt fully supported throughout the process and both of them communicated in a timely manner with me. I never felt like I was left in the dark about anything in the selling or buying process. They are both super professional and so organized. Warren and Toni are the best team and I can not thank them enough for their help in both selling my condo and the purchase of my townhouse. Thank you both!
  • Shaun Dhaliwal
    Shaun Dhaliwal
    Had an awesome experience with Toni and Gino as our representatives. Both provided solid advice and worked hard to navigate through the whole selling process. Would highly recommend.
  • Winnie Sheng
    Winnie Sheng
    Angela Xu, a senior real estate agent in Vancouver, just helped me sell an apartment in UBC. Throughout the transaction process, her professional ability and careful service are reflected in every detail. She is very responsible, efficient and perfectly helpful Solved and dealt with all kinds of big and small problems and matters. Angela really managed to hand over the house to her. You absolutely don’t have to worry about it. From the beginning of entrusting her to the completion of the transaction, the connection of every link is accurate, fast and smooth , and when I am not in Vancouver. Angela is definitely the most professional, serious, and responsible real estate agent I have ever worked with. This is a perfect experience. I am very satisfied and grateful to her. In the future, if I or my friends need to buy or sell houses, Angela is a natural choice ! Thank you very much and highly recommend, she will not let you down 👍❤️
  • Han Yu
    Han Yu
    Angela is a very knowledgeable and experienced realtor. It was my first time buying a property in Vancouver and Angela made the process simple and easy to understand. Angela understood my needs clearly. Her insight was extremely valuable to me in my apartment hunting process. I put down an offer, Angela went through all the documents to help me avoid the potential risks. I really appreciate her strong sense of responsibility. I’m happy that I had Angela as a realtor in my real estate journey.

    This is my first time buying a home in Vancouver and I am really lucky to have Angela Xu as my agent. She was super patient and showed me the house. In the process of negotiating an offer, we are not in a hurry to promote the real estate transaction, and always put the interests of customers first, and avoid all possible potential risks. Next time I buy a house, I will definitely look for Angela again!
  • Michele Cummins – PREC
    Michele Cummins – PREC
    Toni is a great Realtor who strives for excellence in constant learning, education, sharing, and she has such experience & industry know-how. She goes above and beyond for clients and she has a “do what it takes” attitude, a great mindset & a heart of gold to help everyone with their real estate needs. She’s someone you can Trust with your referrals and with you. I highly recommend Toni!!
  • Jordan Stewart
    Jordan Stewart
    Toni & Anoop we’re hands down our favourite women to work with! They worked hard for us but never complicated things, were always straight forward and honest, and it felt like we were just working with friends! My wife and I have just purchased our first home together and we couldn’t be happier with the team we chose to work with! Thank you so much! We will definitely use you in the future and recommend you to all our family and friends!! ❤️
  • Hari Gurung
    Hari Gurung
    This is my 1st ever google review. I couldn’t stay behind to review this amazing two professionals. I met Warren, an open house in my neighborhood 2years ago. I found him very knowledgeable, and very professional. Then I decided to have him as my realtor. I was waiting a unit in a specific townhome. Then Warren introduced me his Sister Toni. They knock the door of that building if they are planning to sell. They tried to help me many ways. Finally, I got my dream home on March 2022. And they sold my house within 2weeks.

    Warren and Toni are both very professional and exceptional realtor. I highly recommend you Warren and Toni as your realtor to sell or buy your house. I am 100% sure you won’t regrets. Warren and Toni are amazing team. They are the best.
  • Zoe Ma
    Zoe Ma
    Toni helped us with our first home purchase. As many know and can relate, buying your first home is a big deal. We didn’t want to rush into it (although we needed it done within a few months) and we didn’t want to make bad decisions. Luckily for us, we chose Toni to represent us and it was absolutely the right decision. She was so knowledgeable every step of the way and never pushed us into any decision we didn’t want. She stood by us and pretty much held our hand the whole time and trust me, there were a few nerve-wracking moments! In addition, she was beyond patient with us. She went above and beyond- constantly researching and asking other realtors so we were constantly updated about the current market in the area. Toni and the Belair team are extremely proactive and you can truly see the passion in their work. We couldn’t be happier.
  • Justin Kwong
    Justin Kwong
    I don’t like writing reviews. I’m usually too busy (or lazy) to write something when I have better things to do. You either have to be really bad or really good. Fortunately, Toni Sing at Bel-Air Realty falls into the latter category.

    I’ve read the other reviews and at the time of writing they are all 5 stars and pretty much on par with what we experienced. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth noting that our experience with Toni to sell and buy our houses was smooth, stress free and overall enjoyable.

    In terms of selling our house, my wife and I had forgotten what the process was like and Toni was always patient and enthusiastic about guiding us. She answered all of our questions, explained the next steps, was always extremely responsive and professional. She walked though our house and gave us tips on what might be concerning to a buyer (so we could fix it) and how we could show the house to make it more presentable. Once we were ready, she made herself available to show the home as much as possible in a short timeframe.

    When it came to buying our new family home, Toni was with us for every single viewing. Again, she was quick and organized multiple viewings on the same day to minimize impact to our daily routine. We viewed our fair share of houses, and again, Toni was enthusiastic about the viewings and offered insightful feedback about each house that helped us decide which ones were right and wrong for us. When it came to negotiations, Toni often took stressful situations and communicated on our behalf with qualities you’d expect from a good realtor – courteous, professional, fact oriented and with authority.

    At no point during our experience were we pressured to move quicker, price lower or buy higher. Toni was friendly, responsive, professional and clearly passionate about her work. If you’re searching for a new family home, we would happily recommend Toni Sing!

  • Simon Belton
    Simon Belton
    As a first-time buyer, and with no knowledge of the process here in Canada, I have known for a while that I wanted to move away from renting and own something, but the prospect of doing so was very daunting and almost overwhelming. That is until I met Toni.

    Toni has helped me every step of the way, she has been very patient, able to answer my questions in terms that I understand and make me feel comfortable with the whole process. She is extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable and I cannot imagine having bought a home without her.

    Toni you are the best (and welcome to come and visit anytime!)

  • Daniel
    Me and my fiancé are so glad we found Angela Xu as our realtor to find our new home. She coached us through this difficult climate and were super patient with us until we were successful with our offer. She patiently gave analysis for each properties so we could make the most informed decision. We could never have done it without her help!
  • Violette Wu
    Violette Wu
    Angela Xu explained everything in a way that was easy to understand from looking at properties, making the offer, to working with the mortgage banker and the lawyer. She really care about hers clients as well as the community she lives in. Highly recommended!
  • Martin Prijatna
    Martin Prijatna
    We have a wonderful experience working with Angela. We were looking for a home for quite some time before we found one. Luckily, Angela’s so patient in helping us day and night. She always looks excited to see us and passionate about her job. She’s very professional and experience too. She always stands for us as a buyer, which to me is very important. I highly recommend her to be your next realtor! Thanks Angela! Well-done!
  • AG Lim
    AG Lim
    Angela is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She is someone who cares for your interest and will seek the best outcome for your purchase. I fully recommend her if you are looking for a realtor.
  • Sandy Ainsworth
    Sandy Ainsworth
    Many thanks to Toni Sing for her hard work in selling our condo! Toni’s knowledge, expertise and guidance put us at ease and we greatly appreciated the regular updates she provided. Toni always made us feel very comfortable when asking our many questions! It was a pleasure working with Toni and we would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an awesome, competent agent!!
  • Christie & Kin Lo
    Christie & Kin Lo
    We would love to express our gratitude towards Frank Muoio who recently sold our home and found another one for us all within a month. Love the professionalism + responsiveness. He is also very very knowledgeable and we are forever grateful to have found such an amazing realtor! Thank you so much again!
  • Nana Yang
    Nana Yang

    Twenty years ago, I was the first client of Angela Xu of Bel-Air Realty Group. With each of us having an infant at the time, we took three months with many viewings to find the first home of my dreams. Now our children are in university. Last week, she sold my current home in 3 days and bought my new home in 3 hours. Through my moves in the intervening years, her service has been excellent, and she became like a coach in raising children and meeting life challenges.

    With her rigorous preparation and meticulous attention to detail, she always had my interests at heart and gave me peace of mind at every step. From the beginning, Angela has been calm, patient and knowledgeable, consistently producing amazing results. She has been a superb real estate agent and my friend for all these years.

  • Mike Lin
    Mike Lin

    Angela Xu is a great agent and helped me to purchase a townhouse in Vancouver recently. The entire buying experience is nothing short of positive in every step of the way. She educated me on the market, and answered all my questions patiently. She handled everything in a professional manner. She stayed up on the market trend. She provided insights into each property that I am interested in, carefully laying out the pros and cons.

    She is very skillful in negotiation, and help me to purchase a townhouse with a very favorable price. She also went out of her way and provided lots of additional assistance after we reached a deal with the seller. I am very happy with her service and highly recommend Angela to anyone looking for an experienced, skillful and helpful agent.

  • Martin Kohalyk
    Martin Kohalyk
    I want to express my gratitude to Angela Xu at Bel-Air Realty group. I had to sell my condo during some very challenging times and I feared that the whole process was going to be overwhelming. From day one Angela made it clear that she had my back, that she understood and respected my situation and she proceeded to make the entire experience interesting, informative and most of all, a huge success. Five stars for Angela.
  • LAW Alexmuir
    LAW Alexmuir
    With over 25 years’ experience in Great Vancouver real estate market, Angela is both knowledgeable and resourceful. She deeply understands what matters the most to a client and customize her service to suit the needs. Throughout the purchase process, Angela demonstrated excellent strategic thinking and outstanding professionalism. THANK YOU, Angela, for a job well done.
  • Anant Mahrok
    Anant Mahrok
    Super happy with the services provided by Toni and Warren. So glad we chose them to buy our first home. They were extremely patient with all our queries (Trust me we had a lot of them ) & provided us with the best advice. Thanks to their excellent guidance and tips we were able to make informed decisions during our home buying process and eventually ended up finding our dream property. If you are in the search of a real estate expert who can guide you with utmost sincerity and has excellent real estate knowledge, I would highly recommend their service to you.
  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers

    Toni and Warren went above and beyond to help us sell our condo. They were extremely professional and dealt directly with our tenants and property manager, making this completely hands off for us, something we really appreciated as we no longer live in the neighborhood. In additional to handling a challenging buyer and agent, they even went so far to hire the cleaners to clean the unit before the buyer took possession!

    Most importantly, they are just so easy to talk to and have no problem breaking down any of the aspects of the process that we were unfamiliar with. We asked tons of questions and they were always there to support us.

    It’s all been an extremely positive, painless and stress-free experience working with them and I’d definitely be back for any other real estate needs!

    Thanks Toni and Warren!

  • Aaron Fernandes
    Aaron Fernandes
    Warren and Toni were great to work with! They made sure the whole process went as smoothly as possible. Their personal investigation into everything related to the property and strata was very impressive. I would highly recommend them.
  • Glocal Consulting
    Glocal Consulting
    Warren is the best! Super helpful, proactive and knows his stuff right of the bat. He even went out of his way to ensure things were done perfectly for us! On our move-in day he even helped us move, which speaks volumes about a realtors care beyond just the sale and commission. We met by chance but i am so glad we had him throughout this first home journey of ours. Thank you for a stress free journey Warren!!
  • Candace Pinter
    Candace Pinter
    With respect to the sale of our condo in Burnaby and the purchase of a new condo in Victoria, Warren Sing has exceeded all of my expectations. He is intelligent, articulate and skillful at marketing. Warren was always well prepared and communicated with us on a timely basis. More than this, he has humility and humanity. I cannot think of better traits in a realtor or a person.
  • Dan Meldrum
    Dan Meldrum
    Warren and Toni were excellent we used them to buy our house 10 years ago and we used them again when we sold both times we were very pleased with their insights into the market. They were professional, friendly and communicated very effectively. Highly recommend them for your next real estate transaction.
  • Katie Bois
    Katie Bois

    I met Toni at an open house while browsing condos in the North Burnaby area. She was representing the seller and I remember that she was very knowledgeable about properties in the area, easy to talk to and willing to go out of her way to help me even as a browsing customer. So when the time came that I was ready to purchase my first home she was of course the person I called.

    My experience with her went far past my already high expectations. Toni is fabulous and I highly recommend her as an agent for anyone looking to buy or sell a property. She had everything clearly and precisely laid out for me and guided me through the process step by step. She quickly responded to texts, calls or emails despite her busy schedule and did so with a fabulous, easy going yet very professional personality.

    When the time came to place an offer, she negotiated a deal for me that was better than I was expecting and got me a lower price on my home than I was willing to pay.

    I recommended her to my friend who was selling a condo and his experience was the same. So I know that Toni can represent either side and get you the best possible price for your home.

    If you are looking for an agent that will go out of her way to get you the best possible result on your property, with a professional and personable demeanor, with expertise and experience please consider Toni & Warren Sing.

  • Marty Paquette
    Marty Paquette
    Incredible service from Toni and the team, helped us find our first home, delivering excellent advice in this crazy market…
  • Vishakha Desai
    Vishakha Desai
    Warren was very proactive, helpful and professional in his work. He became one of us when it came down to dealing with things. I would have definitely recommend Warren Sing and his company for your dream house, we got ours 🙂
  • Veronica Wong
    Veronica Wong
    Toni & Warren helped me in purchasing a condo and a presale. The first purchase, I was new to the market and didn’t know much but they educated me and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. When we found the condo I wanted to purchase, they made it happen and were able to secure me my place against 11 other offers. They are extremely knowledgeable and know the market well. I know anyone who deals with this duo is in the best hands possible.
  • Karyn
    I recommend Toni Sing as a seller’s agent without reservation. She is extremely professional — punctual, polite, knowledgeable, thorough, and informative. She has superb communication skills re: both initiating and responding to communication. She is always ‘on top’ of communication and I was never left waiting or wondering about anything during the selling process. Start to finish, she was a pleasure to work with — consistent, positive, ‘up beat’ attitude all way through. She got the job done, selling and closing my property on a very short timeline at full asking price. I would not hesitate to work with Toni again. She’s great — a highly skilled professional.
  • Dr. Amber Eckel
    Dr. Amber Eckel
    I’m not sure where to even start raving about our fantastic experience with Warren & Toni! They have been absolutely incredible to work with from the initial sit-down and deciding whether or not to list my condo, to getting the condo prepped (with video & photography) to private showings, open houses & the closure of our property. They made what I found to be a quite stressful process look effortless. They went above and beyond on the amount of showings they did and being available for appraisers, inspectors, etc. I can’t thank either of them enough!!! This review comes with a HIGH recommendation for The Sings! 🙂
  • Dr. Drew Jamieson
    Dr. Drew Jamieson
    Warren & Toni are both exceptional realtors. They provided us with top notch service and accessibility through out the process of listing and selling our property. They go above and beyond, looking after every detail which keeps any stress as low as possible. Their marketing and professionalism is some of the best I have seen and they are fun and easy to work with. I highly recommend you use them for your real estate needs.
  • Crystal Sing
    Crystal Sing
    This is the third time that we have worked with Toni + Warren (two sales and one purchase) and it is also the third time that they made our dreams come true. They made the selling of our homes a quick and easy process, and made sure that we were well educated on the decisions that we were making. We could not have asked for a better team.
  • Chris Ho
    Chris Ho

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Angela Xu has been our realtor for the last 10 years and we’ve used her services on a few transactions. What I love the most about Angela is her warmth, compassion and direct communication. She is authentic in her conversations and she is always looking out for our best interests. Angela’s experience, expertise and intuition has helped us save costs and make a larger profit from our transactions, all of which have been stress free and without issues. I would highly recommend Angela for any of your real estate needs.

  • Steve Hu
    Steve Hu

    As the seller’s agent for selling this house, Angela Xu conducted detailed market analysis and pre-sales preparation beforehand. The shooting and design of the display manual is very hard, and the effect is very good, reflecting and highlighting the advantages of the house. In the pricing strategy, the market atmosphere and price trend were fully considered, and an effective pricing strategy was put forward in a timely manner. In the case of continued market downturn, the house was successfully sold at a reasonable price, which protected the interests of our sellers. This is inseparable from the experience and professionalism of Angela Xu. In the preparations for the late delivery, in addition to the agent’s job responsibilities, Angela has worked tirelessly to help us solve difficult problems, clean up Locker, and arrange for handling extra items. It is very intimate. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Angela Xu for five stars.

    作为我们本次卖房子的卖方经纪,Angela Xu事前进行了详细的市场分析和售前准备。展示手册的拍摄和设计很用心,拍的效果很好,体现并突出了房子的优点。 在定价策略上,充分考虑了市场的氛围和价格走势,适时地提出了有效的定价策略,并在市场持续低迷的情况下成功的以合理的价格卖出了房子,保护了我们卖家的利益。这是跟Angela Xu的经验和专业素养分不开的。在后期交房前的准备中,在经纪人的工作职责之外,Angela还不辞劳苦帮助我们解决困难的问题,清理Locker, 安排处理多余物件,很是贴心。我给Angela Xu五颗星以表真诚的谢意。

  • Pat Bartoshyk
    Pat Bartoshyk

    So here’s the thing. Our circumstances were such that we needed to sell our condo in Burnaby and purchase another in Victoria within some very tight timelines. Based on previous experience we dreaded the thought as we had no concept of either the buyer’s or the seller’s market. We had a lot of uncertainty and a thousand questions, our schedules were crazy busy, and we weren’t sure how we were going to navigate the real estate world in two different cities at the same time.

    While not to worry! Thank goodness Toni and Warren came into our lives. They gave us a genuine overview of the market and answered every one of our questions through a series of face-to-face conversations, emails, texts, or phone calls. Their responsiveness and guidance was beyond our expectations. Warren then went to work, researching and personally checking out every possible place in Victoria that might be suitable, then setting up multiple showings that suited our schedule (which was very narrow). Because we were out of country when our condo was listed (in record time), Toni, while expediting a few open houses, helped us finalize several ‘kijiji’ deals on furniture that we couldn’t take with us. What real estate agent does that?!

    Throughout the whole process we felt like Toni and Warren had our back and we ended up finalizing our deals in record time. Our condo sold within a week at a price that exceeded our expectations. Moreover, the transactions, property inspections, and moves for both the purchase and sell went without a hitch, thanks to their guidance and expertise.

    When it comes to navigating the real estate world, Toni and Warren truly are the best of the best. Moreover, they are two of the most patient, trusting, and kind people we have come to know, and we unequivocally recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. Thanks, Toni and Warren! When it’s time to move again, we will be calling!

    Pat & Marilyn

  • Sheila Franjkovic
    Sheila Franjkovic

    As a first time buyer in Vancouver, I was extremely discouraged with the market and the overall idea of even looking for something. I am a professional sales woman in my mid 30’s and easily had more than 6-7 realtors in my network I could just call on, but wanted to make sure we were going with someone that understood our needs, could work with our budget, and would put the time and effort into making our ‘dream’ come true. From day one Toni was highly recommended, so I knew we were in good hands, but I didn’t realize the extent that she went to for her clients. In a city where is a realtor on every corner, Toni literally outdid herself in all aspects of our relationship with her. She is an exceptionally thorough communicator. This can’t be of more importance as a buyer – Speed counts, and Toni is speedy. She responds within seconds, she is thoughtful, strategic and honest. All traits you want in your realtor. Another thing that stood out to us is her tenacity. Our seller was back and forth a lot, and Toni had to build a special relationship with our seller, not something anyone could do. She is determined and an excellent people person. For us, we wanted to know as much as possible about the building and the condition of the unit and we only had 4 business days to do it. Toni was able to get EVERYTHING we needed, from strata minutes that she reviewed herself, in great detail and provided us with a summary of all her findings, ALONG with recommendations and notes. After telling other buyers this, they all seemed surprised and said this wasn’t standard for their experiences. Her attention to detail on all points from contract, to-do lists, to things to consider, communication, to follow up and staying on top of both seller and buyer and all other parties was incredible. She is highly organized and this is another major reason why I think Toni stands out from the pack.

    Overall, we had a very unique and special experience that not any realtor could have handled. There were complexities that made it a very time consuming and a rollercoaster at times. Toni was incredible from start to finish. She is honest, hardworking, thoughtful and I am glad to now call her a friend. I recommend Toni to anyone looking for a home or trying to sell a home. We are now clients for life. We can’t wait to one day sell our home through Toni, to upgrade our home, and or possibly buy a new home. We have already recommended her to friends and will confidently put our names behind Toni. She is TOP notch and amazing at what she does. Thank you Toni for making it all happen for us. We can’t thank you enough😊 Sheila and Robert

  • Jaclyn Metza
    Jaclyn Metza
    Toni and Warren are an amazing dream team! I have worked with both of them when I bought my condo and also when I sold it. I’d never have found my belived condo if it wasn’t for Warren finding it and forcing me to see it and I’d never have sold it for the price I did if it wasn’t for Toni’s saavy strategizing. To date my condo has been the highest sale price per sq ft in the building. Can’t beat that. I think what makes them stand out more than any other realtor though is that they genuinaley care and want what’s best for their client versus making a commission. They will work tirelessly to make sure their client is happy. They make a stressful process seamless and easy because they will support and guide you through everything. Never missing a beat. I highly highly highly reccomend using them. You are crazy if you don’t!
  • Shirley Shaw
    Shirley Shaw
    I would highly recommend the real estate services of Angela Xu of Bel-Air Realty. With Angela’s guidance, I realized full market value quickly and easily. She is an expert in real estate matters. Dealing with Angela was a pleasure and the results exceeded my expectations. She is dedicated to putting her clients best interest first and she will do the same for you.
  • Cindy
    It is a pleasure to have Angela as my agent for my house hunting. She always has her clients’ best interests at heart. With her in-depth knowledge and professional advice, especially her analytical skills, a stressful, confusing, and emotional process becomes comforting and organized. You will never regret having her as your agent whether you are buying or selling. Highly recommend.
  • Yuru Wang
    Yuru Wang
    Angela is super! She is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate. She is always considering all the factors to help her clients to get the best out of the deal. We are so lucky to have her as our agent! Thanks Angela!
  • Vivi Truong
    Vivi Truong
    Angela Xu is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient when helping you find a property. She is diligent in her work, and actually cares for the buyer both economically and emotionally. I was buying my first condo in the lower mainland area, and Angela helped me filter out exactly what I wanted. At the end, she managed to stay within budget and tick off all the things I wanted. Highly recommend.
  • Janet Guo
    Janet Guo

    We would like to give a well deserved “five stars” to our agent Angela Xu for the excellent service she provided selling our condo in Metrotown area in Burnaby.

    To start, Angela conducted a detailed market analysis and pre-sales preparation with us. She helped to create a well-designed feature sheet, reflecting and highlighting the advantages and features of the unit. In the pricing strategy, the current market condition and price trend were fully considered, and an effective pricing strategy was put forward in a timely manner. In the current of the continued market downturn, the condo was successfully sold for full market value in a timely manner with the least inconvenience for us. Our interests as the Seller are well protected. Throughout the selling process, Angela demonstrated solid negotiation skills and excellent professionalism. Angela went above and beyond to help us solve all kinds of difficult problems and provided valuable advice. All in all, Angela provided very personalized service and is a trusted real estate advisor. A big THANK YOU to Angela for a fantastic job.

  • Johnny Fan
    Johnny Fan
    She is very professional, kind and friendly. I would like to recommend her to all our friends and relatives in the future.
  • Clara Wang
    Clara Wang
    I was a first time buyer and not familiar with the real estate world at all. One of my friends recommended Angela Xu to me. After meeting with Angela, I could tell that she was the realtor I needed! And now with Angela’s help, I bought the ideal home within my budget and feel very lucky to have Angela as my realtor! She is very professional and cares about her clients. She understood what I wanted and answered all my questions in sufficient details. She helped me so much in the whole process of buying my first property! Although I was a first time buyer and the market was quite unpredictable, with her experience and strong work skills, I felt secured. I highly recommend Angela!
  • Kyle Goodman
    Kyle Goodman
    Toni Sing was an amazing agent to work with. We knew that we wanted to purchase an investment property but were unsure if we wanted to buy presale construction or resale. Toni’s wealth of market knowledge initially led us with a wide array of options, coupled with a methodical pros and cons assessment. Once we decided on resale, Toni helped us narrow down a location that we were comfortable with, and that we knew renters valued. Toni went above and beyond – always there for advice and to answer any questions we had which ultimately led us to find and purchase a resale condo. Toni’s tireless effort and super positive attitude left us with peace of mind throughout the entire process. Moreover, we would 100% recommend you choose Toni to work with for your real estate needs.
  • Violet Colombara
    Violet Colombara
    Toni has been our realtor for two years and there’s no one else and no other firm we would want to work with. She’s a consummate professional – extremely knowledgeable, always available, detail-oriented, and incredibly effective negotiator, and truly dedicated to protecting the interests of her clients. But above all, she gets great results. She’s guided us through the challenging journey of finding and purchasing our dream home. And in this difficult market, she devised a marketing plan that resulted in our selling our current home in just one week for a great price! We wholeheartedly recommend Toni Sing and Belair Realty. For anyone who’s looking for a realtor, look no further. Violet and Michael Colombara
  • 王志愚
    Angela and Gino give us very professional reliable and comprehensive service. That makes the whole process fast and smoothly. Good preparation and design and most important we got our satisfy house.
  • Kimi Oye
    Kimi Oye

    Recently sold my place in Vancouver and bought a beautiful home in sunny Tsawwassen with the assistance of Toni and Warren!

    I’ve known them for years and I can honestly say that they’re two of the most dependable and hardworking individuals out there.

    They made this entire process as pleasant as possible and went above and beyond with their support.

    I can’t thank you guys enough!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Judy Chan
    Judy Chan
    I met Toni while I was acting as a selling agent for my own client as a realtor, I was impressed by Toni to be a very conscientious realtor who works for the best interest of her client. I ended up hiring her to list my own condo, and she did not disappoint me. I enjoyed working with her and I believe she is the best listing agent I have ever met.
  • Frank S
    Frank S
    Excellent experience dealing with Warren. Went above and beyond to ensure that my first home purchase was a easy and stress free time.
  • Elaine Fong & Ming Wong
    Elaine Fong & Ming Wong
    Angela is a wonderful agent and we would gladly recommend her! She was very knowledgeable with all of our questions. She is responsible and was always well prepared. As we were first time home buyers, she sat us down at the beginning and spent a lot of time going over the home buying process. When we put in our first offer, she made sure that we understood the terms of the sale. We entered the market during a competitive time but in the end, we were able to be to find a beautiful home that fit within our budget! I highly recommend Angela!
  • Brett Cooney & Eric Lau
    Brett Cooney & Eric Lau
    What a great brother and sister team Warren and Toni make as realtors. They are dependable, professional and knowledgeable. We needed to sell two homes and buy a house in an uncertain market, and they went above and beyond! Warren and Toni love what they do, and my husband and I highly recommend them as your realtors.
  • Meng Li & Qiuye Zhu
    Meng Li & Qiuye Zhu
    Angela has helped us find and sell several properties over past 10 years. We have been extremely happy with her service. Angela is professional, responsive, more importantly, she cares about clients, understands their needs and always looking at the property from client’s perspective.
  • Nick Kvenich
    Nick Kvenich
    Gino and Frank helped us make our transition from condo to house. They were professional, always patient and very understanding with us during this transition, which was definitely stressful at times. I was also impressed with how prompt they were in time-sensitive situations and the tenacity they showed when representing our interests. In the end, they showed us a buying opportunity we probably would have missed had it not been for their guidance. Now our new family has a wonderful place to grow up and we will always be grateful for that. Reflecting back on all this, I think the most important thing to have with your realtor is a good relationship, and Gino and Frank facilitated this all the way.
  • Carlo Alberti
    Carlo Alberti
    I have been dealing with Bel Air Realty for over thirty years, and they have always given me excellent guidance and provided first class service with every transaction. I view them as a trusted business partner and would recommend them to anybody interested in buying or selling real estate.”
  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen
    Angela has been providing her quality service to me on a consistent basis. She is a good listener for customer’s needs and very patient to work out a good game plan for the ever changing real estate market. She is also very responsible in calls and emails, and shows solid negotiation skills when the time comes. We have worked together on 4 purchases and 2 sales in the past 8 years, and I am sure we will have years ahead on buying and selling.
  • Gerry Deagle & Virginia Fanara
    Gerry Deagle & Virginia Fanara
    We have just this week closed our deal and a huge reason we can breath a huge sigh of relief is our realtor, Toni Sing of Bel-Air Realty in Vancouver. This petite, young woman is a dynamo of energy, let us tell you. Her victor’s smile, quick mind for numbers, and sage bargaining style got the job done in spades. From the get-go, nothing phased her. Toni had a plan for the sale of our house and she moved hell and high water to move it along. She overcame legal dips and twists in the road, all the while calming our nerves by reassuring us that everything was going smoothly. And by golly, beneath that white water cauldron of anxiety (in our minds – not hers), there was indeed a gentle current flowing. Toni’s strategy attracted bidders to the file, and the sale exceeded our expectations.
  • Eugene Jiang & Ying Ma
    Eugene Jiang & Ying Ma
    Angela has been a great help for us when we moved back to Vancouver to buy a house in 2013. Especially when things were not going as expected. She is patient, professional, and VERY organized. She prepared for our house hunting tour with a detailed daily schedule with all the listed properties in a single sheet. So we know exactly which property we are looking at for the day and what to expect for the next. And it took a lot of effort for her to put such a detailed and thorough information together. That helps us a lot. Also, Angela was always available for any questions or concerns. And provide us very professional and expert opinion to help us make a better decision. She is friendly, considerate, and really knowledgeable in the real estate business in many areas not just limited to Vancouver or Burnaby, in our case we’ve finally bought a house we loved in Coquitlam. In fact, this is our 3rd time we’ll have to bug her about it. She was the one who helped us to buy our previous house in Port Moody and sold it in 2005 when we’re moving out of BC. Angela is indeed recommendable for any house owners who have difficulties of selling/buying properties.
  • Andrea Allen
    Andrea Allen
    I was very pleased with the service that Toni and her team provided at Bel-Air Realty Group. Toni provided me with stats as well as her professional opinion on what the market could support in the sale of my income property, within two weeks I received an offer over asking price. I highly recommend the team, they were personable and very professional. Thank you Toni, I hope we will be able to work together in the future.
  • Tanya Tan
    Tanya Tan
    Having been Angela’s client for over 15 years, I have experienced her high-quality service several times while buying and selling my properties. Either at the time being a first home buyer, or the time looking for a property moving back to Vancouver, I always found Angela very resourceful, efficient, reliable, and patient. Her ability to listen and understand the client’s need and her consistent professional support have made the entire experience less stressful and more comfortable. Superb service indeed.
  • Patricia & Nelson Tsui
    Patricia & Nelson Tsui
    We are pleased to recommend realtors Warren and Toni, who have successfully handled the sale of our house in Burnaby. They are professional in their approach, respectful of their client’s perspective, and always responded with a smile. They worked hard for us, and we are sure that they will also work hard for other sellers.
  • Devon Charlston & Lisa Yueng
    Devon Charlston & Lisa Yueng
    As first time home buyers Angela helped us find the right home with little to no effort and with great results!
  • Rob & Maria
    Rob & Maria
    Gino & Frank are professional, knowledgeable and personable. Their industry savvy and patience provided us with excellent guidance throughout numerous buying and selling experiences. We highly recommend them…
  • Daniella Guzzo
    Daniella Guzzo
    Toni and Warren were extremely knowledgeable and I felt they had my best interest at heart. They answered all my questions very quickly and thoroughly and I ended up getting my dream place. It was my first purchase and I went from feeling overwhelmed/intimidated to excited/calm with their guidance throughout the process, they exceeded my expectations!
  • Ava Zhang
    Ava Zhang
    Hi Angela, Thank you again for helping my family and I buy our first home in Canada. It means a lot to us, and we feel so thankful to have you as our realtor who truly demonstrated professionalism, went above and beyond expectations, and connected with clients so well to get to know their needs. First time buying a home can be nerve-wracking, but with Angela’s help and guidance, the process is made a lot easier and smoother. Her expertise and experience gave us confidence, and we trusted her. After each meeting, we are filled with more knowledge about the local market and also about our own preferences that we may not realize before. It has been a real pleasure to work with her. We highly recommend Angela to support your next real estate move.
  • John Farquharson
    John Farquharson
    I’ve worked with Toni and the team at Bel Air reality multiple times. Toni has a fantastic sense of the market and is always available if you have questions. Her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.
  • Ming Zhang
    Ming Zhang
    Knowing her for more than 10 years, Angela has always been a knowledgeable, professional, passionate realtor, she is very smart and understand client’s need, from big to small, she answers client’s all questions and make sure they are clear and happy. She sometimes find even problems on behalf of client, and discuss with them if the problem is major or minor, and what are possible solutions, based on all these info, the client can make the best decision that they never regret. With her hard work and valuable experience, my sister and I all bought pretty good properties in great Vancouver.
  • Johnny DeFazio
    Johnny DeFazio
    I would like to take this time to personally thank Toni and the team at Bel Air Realty for their help in finding my mother (our family) a new home. After countless search engines, time visiting properties and phone calls whenever needed, we found our new perfect home with zero stress at all! The team is amazing and Toni absolutely bent over backwards to make sure all our needs were met. I wouldn’t think of anther home purchase if Bel Air Realty wasn’t behind us for help and guidance, they are perfection. Thanks again!
  • Li Xu
    Li Xu

    Strongly recommended Angela service is very satisfied

    强烈推荐Angela 服务非常满意

  • Lana Lojpur
    Lana Lojpur
    Excellent service and representation. We have worked with Frank and Gino, and both men are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the real estate market in Vancouver. Our questions were always answered in record time, and we’ve always felt great about any and all decisions that were made. Thank you for being such a great team to work with
  • Cheryl Norton
    Cheryl Norton
    I worked with Toni 8 years ago and again recently for our condo sale and home purchase. Very professional and amazing to work with! She always puts your needs first! 5 star real estate agent for sure. Thanks Toni!
  • Anna Paraninfi
    Anna Paraninfi
    Toni and Warren are COMMITTED to you and your sale or buying needs! Used these amazing guys to sell and buy our dream property! Professional, transparent and always available to make the transaction smooth and keep you informed at all times!
  • Colin Giles
    Colin Giles
    The very best personal, compassionate, informed, and hard working service – they were the reason we got our dream home. Absolutely lovely people more importantly!

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