• Elaine Fong & Ming Wong
    Elaine Fong & Ming Wong
    Angela is a wonderful agent and we would gladly recommend her! She was very knowledgeable with all of our questions. She is responsible and was always well prepared. As we were first time home buyers, she sat us down at the beginning and spent a lot of time going over the home buying process. When we put in our first offer, she made sure that we understood the terms of the sale. We entered the market during a competitive time but in the end, we were able to be to find a beautiful home that fit within our budget! I highly recommend Angela!
  • Brett Cooney & Eric Lau
    Brett Cooney & Eric Lau
    What a great brother and sister team Warren and Toni make as realtors. They are dependable, professional and knowledgeable. We needed to sell two homes and buy a house in an uncertain market, and they went above and beyond! Warren and Toni love what they do, and my husband and I highly recommend them as your realtors.
  • Meng Li & Qiuye Zhu
    Meng Li & Qiuye Zhu
    Angela has helped us find and sell several properties over past 10 years. We have been extremely happy with her service. Angela is professional, responsive, more importantly, she cares about clients, understands their needs and always looking at the property from client’s perspective.
  • Nick Kvenich
    Nick Kvenich
    Gino and Frank helped us make our transition from condo to house. They were professional, always patient and very understanding with us during this transition, which was definitely stressful at times. I was also impressed with how prompt they were in time-sensitive situations and the tenacity they showed when representing our interests. In the end, they showed us a buying opportunity we probably would have missed had it not been for their guidance. Now our new family has a wonderful place to grow up and we will always be grateful for that. Reflecting back on all this, I think the most important thing to have with your realtor is a good relationship, and Gino and Frank facilitated this all the way.
  • Carlo Alberti
    Carlo Alberti
    I have been dealing with Bel Air Realty for over thirty years, and they have always given me excellent guidance and provided first class service with every transaction. I view them as a trusted business partner and would recommend them to anybody interested in buying or selling real estate.”
  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen
    Angela has been providing her quality service to me on a consistent basis. She is a good listener for customer’s needs and very patient to work out a good game plan for the ever changing real estate market. She is also very responsible in calls and emails, and shows solid negotiation skills when the time comes. We have worked together on 4 purchases and 2 sales in the past 8 years, and I am sure we will have years ahead on buying and selling.
  • Gerry Deagle & Virginia Fanara
    Gerry Deagle & Virginia Fanara
    We have just this week closed our deal and a huge reason we can breath a huge sigh of relief is our realtor, Toni Sing of Bel-Air Realty in Vancouver. This petite, young woman is a dynamo of energy, let us tell you. Her victor’s smile, quick mind for numbers, and sage bargaining style got the job done in spades. From the get-go, nothing phased her. Toni had a plan for the sale of our house and she moved hell and high water to move it along. She overcame legal dips and twists in the road, all the while calming our nerves by reassuring us that everything was going smoothly. And by golly, beneath that white water cauldron of anxiety (in our minds – not hers), there was indeed a gentle current flowing. Toni’s strategy attracted bidders to the file, and the sale exceeded our expectations.
  • Eugene Jiang & Ying Ma
    Eugene Jiang & Ying Ma
    Angela has been a great help for us when we moved back to Vancouver to buy a house in 2013. Especially when things were not going as expected. She is patient, professional, and VERY organized. She prepared for our house hunting tour with a detailed daily schedule with all the listed properties in a single sheet. So we know exactly which property we are looking at for the day and what to expect for the next. And it took a lot of effort for her to put such a detailed and thorough information together. That helps us a lot. Also, Angela was always available for any questions or concerns. And provide us very professional and expert opinion to help us make a better decision. She is friendly, considerate, and really knowledgeable in the real estate business in many areas not just limited to Vancouver or Burnaby, in our case we’ve finally bought a house we loved in Coquitlam. In fact, this is our 3rd time we’ll have to bug her about it. She was the one who helped us to buy our previous house in Port Moody and sold it in 2005 when we’re moving out of BC. Angela is indeed recommendable for any house owners who have difficulties of selling/buying properties.
  • Andrea Allen
    Andrea Allen
    I was very pleased with the service that Toni and her team provided at Bel-Air Realty Group. Toni provided me with stats as well as her professional opinion on what the market could support in the sale of my income property, within two weeks I received an offer over asking price. I highly recommend the team, they were personable and very professional. Thank you Toni, I hope we will be able to work together in the future.
  • Tanya Tan
    Tanya Tan
    Having been Angela’s client for over 15 years, I have experienced her high-quality service several times while buying and selling my properties. Either at the time being a first home buyer, or the time looking for a property moving back to Vancouver, I always found Angela very resourceful, efficient, reliable, and patient. Her ability to listen and understand the client’s need and her consistent professional support have made the entire experience less stressful and more comfortable. Superb service indeed.
  • Patricia & Nelson Tsui
    Patricia & Nelson Tsui
    We are pleased to recommend realtors Warren and Toni, who have successfully handled the sale of our house in Burnaby. They are professional in their approach, respectful of their client’s perspective, and always responded with a smile. They worked hard for us, and we are sure that they will also work hard for other sellers.
  • Devon Charlston & Lisa Yueng
    Devon Charlston & Lisa Yueng
    As first time home buyers Angela helped us find the right home with little to no effort and with great results!
  • Rob & Maria
    Rob & Maria
    Gino & Frank are professional, knowledgeable and personable. Their industry savvy and patience provided us with excellent guidance throughout numerous buying and selling experiences. We highly recommend them…
  • Daniella Guzzo
    Daniella Guzzo
    Toni and Warren were extremely knowledgeable and I felt they had my best interest at heart. They answered all my questions very quickly and thoroughly and I ended up getting my dream place. It was my first purchase and I went from feeling overwhelmed/intimidated to excited/calm with their guidance throughout the process, they exceeded my expectations!
  • Ava Zhang
    Ava Zhang
    Hi Angela, Thank you again for helping my family and I buy our first home in Canada. It means a lot to us, and we feel so thankful to have you as our realtor who truly demonstrated professionalism, went above and beyond expectations, and connected with clients so well to get to know their needs. First time buying a home can be nerve-wracking, but with Angela’s help and guidance, the process is made a lot easier and smoother. Her expertise and experience gave us confidence, and we trusted her. After each meeting, we are filled with more knowledge about the local market and also about our own preferences that we may not realize before. It has been a real pleasure to work with her. We highly recommend Angela to support your next real estate move.
  • John Farquharson
    John Farquharson
    I’ve worked with Toni and the team at Bel Air reality multiple times. Toni has a fantastic sense of the market and is always available if you have questions. Her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.
  • Ming Zhang
    Ming Zhang
    Knowing her for more than 10 years, Angela has always been a knowledgeable, professional, passionate realtor, she is very smart and understand client’s need, from big to small, she answers client’s all questions and make sure they are clear and happy. She sometimes find even problems on behalf of client, and discuss with them if the problem is major or minor, and what are possible solutions, based on all these info, the client can make the best decision that they never regret. With her hard work and valuable experience, my sister and I all bought pretty good properties in great Vancouver.
  • Johnny DeFazio
    Johnny DeFazio
    I would like to take this time to personally thank Toni and the team at Bel Air Realty for their help in finding my mother (our family) a new home. After countless search engines, time visiting properties and phone calls whenever needed, we found our new perfect home with zero stress at all! The team is amazing and Toni absolutely bent over backwards to make sure all our needs were met. I wouldn’t think of anther home purchase if Bel Air Realty wasn’t behind us for help and guidance, they are perfection. Thanks again!