Gerry Deagle & Virginia Fanara

We have just this week closed our deal and a huge reason we can breath a huge sigh of relief is our realtor, Toni Sing of Bel-Air Realty in Vancouver. This petite, young woman is a dynamo of energy, let us tell you. Her victor’s smile, quick mind for numbers, and sage bargaining style got the job done in spades. From the get-go, nothing phased her. Toni had a plan for the sale of our house and she moved hell and high water to move it along. She overcame legal dips and twists in the road, all the while calming our nerves by reassuring us that everything was going smoothly. And by golly, beneath that white water cauldron of anxiety (in our minds – not hers), there was indeed a gentle current flowing. Toni’s strategy attracted bidders to the file, and the sale exceeded our expectations.

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