Justin Kwong

I don’t like writing reviews. I’m usually too busy (or lazy) to write something when I have better things to do. You either have to be really bad or really good. Fortunately, Toni Sing at Bel-Air Realty falls into the latter category.

I’ve read the other reviews and at the time of writing they are all 5 stars and pretty much on par with what we experienced. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth noting that our experience with Toni to sell and buy our houses was smooth, stress free and overall enjoyable.

In terms of selling our house, my wife and I had forgotten what the process was like and Toni was always patient and enthusiastic about guiding us. She answered all of our questions, explained the next steps, was always extremely responsive and professional. She walked though our house and gave us tips on what might be concerning to a buyer (so we could fix it) and how we could show the house to make it more presentable. Once we were ready, she made herself available to show the home as much as possible in a short timeframe.

When it came to buying our new family home, Toni was with us for every single viewing. Again, she was quick and organized multiple viewings on the same day to minimize impact to our daily routine. We viewed our fair share of houses, and again, Toni was enthusiastic about the viewings and offered insightful feedback about each house that helped us decide which ones were right and wrong for us. When it came to negotiations, Toni often took stressful situations and communicated on our behalf with qualities you’d expect from a good realtor – courteous, professional, fact oriented and with authority.

At no point during our experience were we pressured to move quicker, price lower or buy higher. Toni was friendly, responsive, professional and clearly passionate about her work. If you’re searching for a new family home, we would happily recommend Toni Sing!

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