Sheila Franjkovic

As a first time buyer in Vancouver, I was extremely discouraged with the market and the overall idea of even looking for something. I am a professional sales woman in my mid 30’s and easily had more than 6-7 realtors in my network I could just call on, but wanted to make sure we were going with someone that understood our needs, could work with our budget, and would put the time and effort into making our ‘dream’ come true. From day one Toni was highly recommended, so I knew we were in good hands, but I didn’t realize the extent that she went to for her clients. In a city where is a realtor on every corner, Toni literally outdid herself in all aspects of our relationship with her. She is an exceptionally thorough communicator. This can’t be of more importance as a buyer – Speed counts, and Toni is speedy. She responds within seconds, she is thoughtful, strategic and honest. All traits you want in your realtor. Another thing that stood out to us is her tenacity. Our seller was back and forth a lot, and Toni had to build a special relationship with our seller, not something anyone could do. She is determined and an excellent people person. For us, we wanted to know as much as possible about the building and the condition of the unit and we only had 4 business days to do it. Toni was able to get EVERYTHING we needed, from strata minutes that she reviewed herself, in great detail and provided us with a summary of all her findings, ALONG with recommendations and notes. After telling other buyers this, they all seemed surprised and said this wasn’t standard for their experiences. Her attention to detail on all points from contract, to-do lists, to things to consider, communication, to follow up and staying on top of both seller and buyer and all other parties was incredible. She is highly organized and this is another major reason why I think Toni stands out from the pack.

Overall, we had a very unique and special experience that not any realtor could have handled. There were complexities that made it a very time consuming and a rollercoaster at times. Toni was incredible from start to finish. She is honest, hardworking, thoughtful and I am glad to now call her a friend. I recommend Toni to anyone looking for a home or trying to sell a home. We are now clients for life. We can’t wait to one day sell our home through Toni, to upgrade our home, and or possibly buy a new home. We have already recommended her to friends and will confidently put our names behind Toni. She is TOP notch and amazing at what she does. Thank you Toni for making it all happen for us. We can’t thank you enough😊 Sheila and Robert

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