Steve Hu

As the seller’s agent for selling this house, Angela Xu conducted detailed market analysis and pre-sales preparation beforehand. The shooting and design of the display manual is very hard, and the effect is very good, reflecting and highlighting the advantages of the house. In the pricing strategy, the market atmosphere and price trend were fully considered, and an effective pricing strategy was put forward in a timely manner. In the case of continued market downturn, the house was successfully sold at a reasonable price, which protected the interests of our sellers. This is inseparable from the experience and professionalism of Angela Xu. In the preparations for the late delivery, in addition to the agent’s job responsibilities, Angela has worked tirelessly to help us solve difficult problems, clean up Locker, and arrange for handling extra items. It is very intimate. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Angela Xu for five stars.

作为我们本次卖房子的卖方经纪,Angela Xu事前进行了详细的市场分析和售前准备。展示手册的拍摄和设计很用心,拍的效果很好,体现并突出了房子的优点。 在定价策略上,充分考虑了市场的氛围和价格走势,适时地提出了有效的定价策略,并在市场持续低迷的情况下成功的以合理的价格卖出了房子,保护了我们卖家的利益。这是跟Angela Xu的经验和专业素养分不开的。在后期交房前的准备中,在经纪人的工作职责之外,Angela还不辞劳苦帮助我们解决困难的问题,清理Locker, 安排处理多余物件,很是贴心。我给Angela Xu五颗星以表真诚的谢意。

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