Toni Sing

Personal Real Estate Corporation
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  • Language: English, French

Toni is a mama bear with a young family. She enjoys spending time with loved ones and teaching her 5-year-old Son about Real Estate.

Toni is a seasoned real estate veteran and expert negotiator. She takes great pride in providing each one of her clients with excellent customer service, unparalleled support and an intuitive skill set. She is a firm believer that no client’s goals are exactly the same and has tremendous respect for her clients. As a result, Toni and her team tailor blueprints for each client, setting them up for success in a way that they feel comfortable. Her clients’ success and happiness are incredibly important to her.

Toni holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from S.F.U., a Business Degree from B.C.I.T. and real estate license from U.B.C. After completing her program at UBC in 2010 she joined renowned real estate marketing company – Rennie, where she gained experience with new construction and multifamily sales. She has enjoyed specializing in real estate sales and marketing ever since.

As a mom, Toni is constantly trying to find the right work-life balance. If she had more time to herself – Toni would make time for her hobbies – which include: hip-hop, singing and learning to play the guitar – properly. She is a strong advocate for families, children and equality.

She feels good about her consistent effort to balance family time and work time while providing excellent customer service to all of her clients and being a supportive and loving mom. She is enjoying all of the challenges that come with the journey!

Her proponents are – To Live life free and in the moment! To be kind and loving! To do something well through excellence & mastery! To spend quality time with loved ones! To help others succeed and by doing so – so will you!